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One of the oldest festivals of wine or grapes in Italy (from September 23, 1928), has
been held for decades on the first Sunday of the month of October, and the preceding
Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It celebrates not only the grape harvest but also the fertility
of the land, particularly important in this area rich in vineyards planted with Verdicchio vines.
of Dell’Uva derives from a rich and ancient heritage, encompassing traditions, culture,
economy and agriculture of the area, and has become a party for the inhabitants and also
draws thousands of people to Cupramontana for the days of the festival. The characteristic
elements of country folk are evident with a warm welcome: the traditional dances, including
the "Saltarello" (a local dance) performed by local folk groups, songs that were sung in the
fields during harvest time accompanied on various instruments including accordions and
concertinas. Il Palio Del Verdicchio is an annual competition held on the Saturday afternoon
where teams must tread grapes with their feet, just as was done in past centuries. The
teams represent the various production areas surrounding the town. The highlight of the
festival, held on the Sunday afternoon, is the Parade of Floats. Each parish (or quarter) of
the town and the surrounding areas have their own decorated wagon which follows a subject
of wine-making and the traditions of winemaking. Each year the theme varies, as affected by
the current environment, politics, social or historical events – the outcome is creative and
entertaining. The Food Stands, called “capanne” in Cuprense dialect, are designed for the
distribution of food and wine and give an opportunity to taste typical local cuisine. The Sagra
Dell’Uva in Cupramontana successfully combines music, entertainment, wine and food in an
authentic surrounding, and therefore is universally popular.

The small ancient village of Castelbellino offers a welcoming atmosphere, where every stone has a memory, every street and every corner have a magical surprise.
Wander around the little-known cultural richnesses, drowning the sense of time in the ancient charm of powerful walls, severe portals, enchanting and colourful landscapes; be entranced by the profane delicacies like the smell of “vincisgrassi”, typical dish in the Marches, running away from the little windows carved into the walls or by the irresistible aroma of Verdicchio wine coming from the castle caves used as cellars.
When you join the village, park the car and go on foot to admire the panoramic views of Esino valley at the end of the multiple short lanes. Parallel to the main entrance road, a winding uphill street leads to Piazza San Marco: the old centre is made up of narrow streets, steep stairways and charming squares.
Admire the castle walls of the fifteenth century and take an exciting tour through the streets of the old town which retain all the charm of past years.
At the top of the castle, once crossed the ancient arch of Proferno way, have a sit in one of the benches in the garden for a fantastic view over the Esino valley. In Piazza San Marco, the Loggia Belvedere dating back to the Renaissance period was once used as a covered market and is today one of the most picturesque corners of Castelbellino: enjoy the pleasant view of the rolling hills overlapping each other to the sea.


Distance:  km 21

Time advised: 3 hours (on foot); an hour (by car)

Difficulty: easy


Starting from Santa Maria alle Moie Abbey, follow the road towards San Sisto and visit its Abbey;  cross Scisciano Bridge and have a look at Mill Marcelletti in Scisciano. Then go on your way towards Maiolati Spontini . 

A walk here allows you to experience a contact with a world of history and culture (Scisciano and Maiolati castles); of spirituality (Santa Maria alle Moie Abbey, San Sisto Abbey, the rural churches of Santa Liberata and San Pietro); as well as with a natural world and an amazing landscape, a patchwork of vineyards and olive-groves.

Going  downhill  back to Moie along the so-called Boccolina, do not forget to visit the small rural church of San Pietro at the bottom of it.






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