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Gaspare Spontini
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Gaspare Spontini was born on 4th November 1774 in Maiolati. He had three brothers and a sister, all designed for the clergy. He was taught the rudiments of music by the master Quintiliani from Monte San Vito and by other masters of Jesi, among which Don Nicholas Bonanni. He entered the Conservatory of “Pietà dei Turchini” in Naples while in Rome he composed his first important work Li puntigli delle donne (1796).

Some of his works were later represented in Rome, Florence, Naples and Venice.

In 1803 Spontini moved to Paris where he soon became famous.

La finta filosofa , La petite maison and Milton (1804) had great success and the Empress Josephine gave him the title of "Composer of the Chapel of Her Majesty the Empress and Queen "(1805). La Vestale was devoted to the Empress and was strongly appreciated by the Emperor Luigi Bonaparte as well.

Fernando Cortez was represented in 1809 and a year later Spontini became the Director of “Opéra Italien”.

On 3rd August 1811 he married Celeste Erard (1790-1878), his “sweet wife”. She was the daughter of a famous manufacturer of pianos and other musical instruments. They  had no children.

His third major work Olympia (December 1819) was later modified and devoted to Frederick William III of Prussia who nominated the musician  "First Kapellmeister and General Superintendent of the music of the King." Agnes of Hohenstaufen (1829)was Spontini’s last work which he modified in 1837 and dedicated to his wife Celeste. He came back to Maiolati in September 1850. He was already ill and died on 24th january 1851. He was buried in the church of San Giovanni inside the old people’s home while his wife Celeste was allowed to take his heart with her in Paris.






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